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Stories is Morgan Dodson, Nic Dodson, Sean Young, Roscoe Frazier & Jackson Lowe.


released March 13, 2013

Void by Stories. Music by Nic Dodson. Lyrics by Morgan Dodson. Produced by Chris Blancato & Jono Peters from BearClaw Productions. Mixed by Nolly & Bulb at Top Secret Audio. Mastered by Toby Learmont at Sony DADC. Artwork by Daniel Wagner at D-Dub Designs. Special thanks to Josh Smith, Matt Leost, Logan Stevenson & Nic Clifton.



all rights reserved


Stories Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: The Divide
Hear me.
Take a breath of the air we are forced to filter.
Feel the stream we poison, intoxicating the blood of the body that gave birth to existence.
We're nothing more than her.
We are no more vital than this earth, just another layer in a multi-verse.
We are the black hole inside her, the only cause for the chaos we fear.
What have we become? we are killing her.
She taught us how to walk, and now we spit in her face. Don't tell me everything is fine.
Will i ever dislocate myself from this mindless machine.
I can't explain the vexation.
Every time i try and pull myself out from the dark, i have found myself lost in a devolving society.
A generation.
I am a gear in the engine.
I am darkness.
Track Name: Clairvoyance
Beneath the endless drone that deafens my ears, i can hear the echoes of a dream i had,
and it's reminding me..
We are hollow. Calling me to wake up.
A beacon of clairvoyance is forever, completely out of reach.
I've been searching for the barrier separating man and beyond.
A stone sealed door divides the weak from design, and it never opens.
We are neglecting what we should enshrine.
Near the burning lantern light to your feet with light leaking through the cracks of this room.
Realise we can't see everything.
A beacon of clairvoyance is forever completely out of reach.
Our perception has grown weary of the apparent world absorbing a torrent of focus...
In longing for myself to wake up.
Track Name: A Power Concealed
A flux of energy inside every mind.
We sleep with open eyes, embrace the power of our consciousness.
It resonates within the very core of our being.
Knowledge like echoes, lost to the control of others.
The architecture remains stable, suspended in space and time.
Structures built upon the enforced ignorance of man.
Minds extracted unknowingly.
The implementation of new-age distraction has been putting us all to sleep.
How can you call this living when the links have been fractured and the bonds have been broken?
We are destroying the one thing we have left.
We are all infinite.
Why limit yourself to the expectation of others, for we are all infinite.
No Gods, no Kings, only Man will live to provide any answers.
Wake up.
Track Name: Masks
I don't know what you've become.
Can you even see your reflection when you look in the water?
I'll blow your face off, there will be nothing left.
I will see the truth you've disguised.
You see this life we live suffers a bitter end.
Why bother lying to yourself?
How can you live without questioning this world?
We can not live forever, we are only human.
So throw away the lies you believe, and destroy the mask you hide behind.
We all die with everything to lose.
Now you must make the choice between freedom or entombment of your mind.
You are tracking the steps of a crowd.
Stop following orders, think for yourself now.
How can you live without questioning this world?
We can not live forever, we are only human.
So throw away the lies you believe, and destroy the mask you hide behind.
Take hold of reality. Plant the seed.
Uniqueness could fall and corruption could grow.
If you keep on swallowing all the lies you have been fed,
you will surely become a slave to your own ignorance.
I'm so sick of this place, the congregation of these faces.
Please take me away where i am free of this mess.
Track Name: Enter The Void
We have been dreading our return to the void for too long.
Restrained from the future as we all cower from the end of human life.
The cyclic structure of existence avoided at all cost.
I made the choice to accept that i will die.
I live with no barricades to hide behind, removing myself from our race.
Too afraid.
Entangling oneself in a deluded force.
We are reprogrammed into the system that kills us.
There is no such thing as dissolution in death when returning to the mystery from which we came.
We're returning to the mystery from where we came.
A road to complete the perfect cycle.
Redefine your lust for life.
Look inside the void and you will find.
Redefine your lust for life.
Realign your mind and realise we only have one chance to create before we complete,
to the void.